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FEC Inc. has taken a position as a global green energy company with a multitude of new technology. We have an array of patented and soon-to-be patented technology that is destined to change energy production and energy usage in many arenas. Our independent research and development has focused on product solutions that harness stable vortex effects, cavitation and other unique fluid flow phenomena to move energy application into new chapters. Our main thrust is currently in water but our other applications such as those in combustion are already being positioned as key concepts in those fields. For over 50 years, our chief scientist has developed and patented many successful inventions, both nationally and internationally, involving fluid mechanics, fluidics, thermodynamics and related physics.

His experience has created a revolutionary extension of fluidic science that has led to patented products that are cost effectively manufactured, simple to understand, and perform in an outstanding manner. Most of our technology does not require complicated processes or sophisticated electronics. This truly makes us unique as well.

FEC Inc.    1180 N. Indian Canyon Drive, Suite W303, Palm Springs, CA 92262     (760) 409-0595
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