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Nathaniel Hughes
Chief Scientist

Nathaniel Hughes graduated from Columbia University Engineering School with a BA in Philosophy and a BS in mechanical and aeronautical engineering. He has also completed extensive graduate work in aeronautical engineering and fluid mechanics at MIT in Boston. In the early 1960s, he served as CEO of Sonic Development Corporation, a pioneer in the application of sonic energy to fuel combustion, food, process control, pollution control industries and energy-saving combustion of heavy oils. During this time he patented jet engine fuel injector nozzles for “smokeless combustion,” now common in commercial aviation. In 1968 he founded Energy Sciences to develop advanced fluidic and ultrasonic technologies. Its primary product line was a system of retrofitable smog control systems for automobiles. In the early 1980s he founded Vortran Corporation to produce a vastly improved technology for atomized drug delivery in the medical field. For the last ten years, Hughes has been developing a new breed of fluid energy powered, fluidic devices based on totally new solution methodologies and modalities.

Mr. Hughes has pushed the envelope of fluidics and boundary layer science.  His new technology exhibits remarkable control of molecular interactions creating an ability to control, enhance, and focus energy in flowing liquids and gases.  This conversion process can both "energize" the flow material and convert what is normal "waste energy" into usable energy.

Bryan Stone, M.D.

Bryan Stone received his doctorate in medicine from Boston University School of Medicine in 1993. Currently he serves as medical director for DaVita Healthcare, managing three dialysis centers, with responsibility for staff evaluations, quality control and overall medical guidance. He is owner of Desert Nephrology Medical Group, providing internal medicine and nephrology services for both inpatient and outpatient care. He is also owner of Healthpoint, LLC, a medical-legal consulting firm.

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